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Quality Management

For A. Hopf GmbH the quality of the services and the delivery of quality products is an essential success factor. Especially products in the medical and healthcare field like medical devices as well as products in the field of safety devices, quality-lead compared to competitors is of highest importance. To ensure a high and homogeneous product and process quality and traceability of production up to the raw material delivered, the company has established a certified quality management system for more than 2 decades for medical production. The quality management system of A. Hopf GmbH is supported by a precise quality assurance with premium-quality test equipment, traceability of processes and a reliable design development.

The certification according to EN ISO 13485:2012 therefore is a core factor for the company’s success and also the base of the excellent international company’s reputation as a quality manufacturer for affordable prices in a fast changing medical component market.

Zertifiziert nach
EN ISO 13485:2016